In the Chelyabinsk region checks on the data found in a landfill documents

© Fotolia / Natalia Ivanoviches. Archival photoIn the Chelyabinsk region checks on the data found in a landfill documents© Fotolia / Natalia Ivanova

Administration Roschino settlement in the Chelyabinsk region, where the alleged dump was found the documents on awarding veterans and financial estimates, will conduct an investigation into the discovery of similar findings, reported RIA Novosti on Wednesday the acting head of Roschino of the rural settlement Lyudmila Efimova.

According to local media, residents of the village of Roshchino found on a spontaneous dump for garages large number of documents allegedly taken from the local administration. So, among the papers that are partially torn and damaged, were the documents found on the veterans, inheritance of property, free allocation of land and financial estimates. Media reports that documents dated 2005, and reported the discovery to journalists the Deputy of Roschino village Council Tatyana Degtyareva.

«I personally found documents not seen, and the Deputy who disseminated this information allegedly from local residents in the media, did not appeal to me. But in the administration of Roschino of the rural settlement will be created a special Commission with participation of deputies of the Council and the Prosecutor’s office, which will conduct its own investigation. Will check a similar case,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

She said that in most cases, internal documents of the property disposed of is not in place, in Roshchino, Chelyabinsk, but there are documents of no value and recycling items in the trash.

A similar case will be investigated and studied always with the assistance of prosecutors, she added.