In the Egyptian metro has a kiosk of religious councils

© AP Photo / Nariman El-MoftyСвященнослужители of al-Azhar mosque at a metro station in CairoIn the Egyptian metro has a kiosk of religious councils© AP Photo / Nariman El-Mofty

The sheikhs of the highest Islamic authorities in Egypt opened in Cairo metro fatwa kiosk to quickly give religious advice to passengers, reports The Guardian.

According to the creators, the kiosk aims to correct the wrong interpretation of Islam. The idea is popular: people queue up to sit for a few minutes in a small booth in the company of learned theologians.

«We usually are talking about the problems of everyday life, the religious view on them. Main topics — marriage, divorce, and inheritance» — leads the publication the words of one Muslim consultant from the kiosk.

The organizers regard the project as successful as during the first eight days of work in the kiosk asked about fifteen hundred Muslims. While working the booth — from nine in the morning until eight in the evening.