In the Irkutsk region five extinguish forest fires

© RIA Novosti / Igor Alienability in fotobanken fire. Archival photoIn the Irkutsk region five extinguish forest fires© RIA Novosti / Igor Ajankohtaista the image Bank

Five extinguish fires in the forests of the Irkutsk region on the area of 900 hectares, the press service of the regional government.

According to the press service, 2 August on the forest lands «in force, there were five fires: two in kirenskom and Nizhneilimsk regions, one in Kachugskiy district. The total area of these fires was 630 acres of forest and 250 hectares of woodlands».

Over the past day fire eliminated two centers in Ust-Ilimsk area localized on a Wednesday morning three fires on the area of 300 hectares.

In the area of continuous space-based observations are 20 fires in the Katanga district – 10, in Mamsko-Chuyskiy – four, in Bodaibo and kirenskom – three. The total area of these fires is more than 30 thousand hectares. According to the decision of the regional Commission on emergency situations extinguishing these fires is impractical for economic reasons.

In suppression of forest fires on 1 August in the Irkutsk region were involved 183 people, including 126 fire-paratroopers, as well as 33 units of ground equipment. In an environment of extraordinary class of fire hazard is projected in four municipalities of the region.