In the Museum of Moscow opened an exhibition «Three of the festival» dedicated WFMS

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Dinitrate in fotobanka of Moscow on Zubovsky Boulevard. Archival photoIn the Museum of Moscow opened an exhibition «Three of the festival» dedicated WFMS© RIA Novosti / Alexander Dinitrate the image Bank

Exhibition «Three festival», dedicated to the world festival of youth and students (WFMS), opened at the Museum of Moscow; among the exhibits of the exposition Muscovites and guests of the capital will be able to see archival photos, household items, clothes, a documentary chronicle of the festivals in 1957 and 1985.

«Today, August 1, in the «Museum of Moscow» exhibition will last till September 25. This exhibition, as you can tell from the title, is dedicated to the three festivals of youth and students, two of which were held in Moscow in 1957 and 1985,» he told reporters at the opening of the exhibition Director of the Museum of Moscow Alina Saprykina.

According to her, the Museum preserves not only the legacy of the festival, but also talks about the future of the festival, which this year will be held in Sochi.

«Therefore, we bind yesterday, today and tomorrow of our country, — said Saprykin.

Collection of the exhibition, said the head of the Museum, going bit by bit together with donors and with the support of the promotion «peoples Museum» in which Muscovites brought their subjects of times of the festivals.

«The photographs and diaries and household items, interior, it’s just the clothes in which they participated in the festival or may be performed in the festival. A variety of things with symbolism, gift, souvenir, these are the things that people have brought here over a month, and also sent from other cities, and not only from Russia, and thanks to which the exhibition turned out to be complex,» — said Saprykin.

The exhibition features more than 2 thousand exhibits: postcards, badges, dolls, household items, vases, scarves, shoes, bags «that were given to each other,» said the Director of the Museum.

According to her, with symbols of the festival was released and cans for milk, and a mug of kvass, and gift Soaps in the form of chamomile or with elements of the symbol of the festival, 1957 — the famous dove, porcelain, and icons. «These are very beautiful objects that we see today,» — said Saprykin.

Also among the collection presents paintings, drawings, sculpture. «We see here and sketches Sergey otroschenko, who did the monumental large canvases as the official artist of the festival», — noted the Director of the Museum.

According to her, the best of the exhibits of the Museum of Moscow will propose to retain in their collection. «They give us is passed, I think it will be a significant addition to our large Fund,» concluded Saprykin.

XIX world festival of youth and students will be held in Sochi from 14 to 22 October. On one site will bring together young leaders from different fields. Russia is already the third time in its history will take WFMS the previous two festivals took place in 1957 and 1985.