In the ROC need to ban advertising of non-alcoholic beer

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in fotobanka red squareIn the ROC need to ban advertising of non-alcoholic beer© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

The Chairman of the Department of the ROC on relations with society and mass-media Vladimir Legoyda called hypocrisy financing brewing companies advertising non-alcoholic beer and called for a ban on it.

«Advertising of non-alcoholic beer can be attributed to the so-called «umbrella» brands, and it will have the predictable result of increased consumption of «normal» alcoholic beer brands relevant» — quoted Legoyda, the press service of the Department for Church relations with society and the media.

According to him, the advertising of alcohol — has long been taboo in society, a broad consensus has emerged as to its inadmissibility. Legoyda noted that during the last decade the state government with the support of the broad public and Church associations had taken a number of steps to limit alcohol abuse, including steps to ban alcohol advertising.

The result of such a policy, he said, was the reduction of mortality, particularly men of working age, increasing life expectancy, the country’s output to a small but positive natural increase of the population. According to the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, the resumption of alcohol advertising under the guise of non-alcoholic beer, may reverse this trend.

«I believe it important to maintain the previous situation, when the producers of alcohol do not advertise non-alcoholic beer, which is associated with an ordinary beer. I think that competent authorities should assess the negative impact of advertising «umbrella» beer brands» — said Legoyda.

He added that if the brewery really are aimed at expanding the market of non-alcoholic beer, let them create new brands that do not have «alcoholic past».