In Tyumen will install interactive city maps for visually impaired

© Fotolia / Andrey PopovСлабовидящий people on the street. Archival photoIn Tyumen will install interactive city maps for visually impaired© Fotolia / Andrey Popov

Tactile-ZD sound card of Tyumen for the visually impaired set up to the end of 2017 at the railway station and the airport of the city, reported RIA Novosti employee of the press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region.

«The idea of the project is to create an accessible environment for people with disabilities, to help them navigate the city. The card is an embossed substrate, the touch frame and the audio system. Studying the map, the user moves his finger along the objects. The sensor is detecting the touch, and the audio system to announce the names of objects and information on them», — said the Agency interlocutor.

He added that a similar map in the past year in Yekaterinburg. For the implementation of the project in Tyumen took student, Department of psychology and pedagogy, the invalid of the first group on sight, the head of coworking «White cane», the volunteer League of volunteers TSU Stepan Panov.

According to the Governor of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev, the region has a lot done to help adults and children with disabilities, their rehabilitation, creating barrier-free environment. Play a great role in this socially oriented non-profit organizations dealing with integration projects of people with disabilities in the economic and cultural life.

«It is important to understand that each of us should feel a connection to this common cause, to be sensitive, responsive, and open to other people’s problems, the only way we can create a society of equal opportunities», — said the head of the region.