Kadyrov told about the situation around al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem

© RIA Novosti / Anton Sceponaviciute al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple mount in Jerusalem. Archival photoKadyrov told about the situation around al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem© RIA Novosti / Anton Skripunov

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov confirmed that Israeli police have lifted restrictions on access to al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

«On Sunday on my behalf in Jerusalem was visited by the assistant to the head of the Chechen Republic Alambek Yasaev. Alambek sent numerous videos. They clearly confirm information given to them that the situation is fully stabilized. Restrictions on entrance to al-Aqsa mosque and stay in the territory of the complex there,» — wrote Kadyrov on his page in Instagram.

Kadyrov is confident that Muslims around the world would never agree with the attempts of the Israeli authorities to amend the order of the activities of the Shrine. The head of Chechnya believes that the preservation of stability and peace of mind is most important. He expressed gratitude to all who have not remained indifferent to the events in al-Aqsa.

Earlier, Kadyrov wrote in the Telegram that he is ready to resign and the rest of my life to protect the al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple mount of Jerusalem. He commented on widely reported in the media the situation around this ancient mosque, an area which Israel has established special security measures, triggering a two-week protests the Arab-Muslim community. In the Kremlin, it said that the words of Kadyrov does not need to be regarded as a statement about the change work.

Last Friday, Israeli police announced the dismantling of metal detectors and surveillance cameras.