Kanye West demanded $10 million from British insurers over cancelling tour

© AP Photo / Invision/Rob LatourКим Kardashian and Kanye West. Archival photoKanye West demanded $10 million from British insurers over cancelling tour© AP Photo / Invision/Rob Latour

American rapper Kanye West has demanded $ 10 million from British insurance company Lloyd’s delayed payment of compensation for the cancellation of its tour of Saint Pablo, reported the publication the Hollywood Reporter, citing caught at his disposal the claim of the musician.

According to the document, immediately after the decision on cancellation of the tour, the musician demanded compensation on the basis of medical certificate about his health condition, however, insurers are required to conduct an independent survey for the musician. Allegedly, the defendants used any motifs, including the use of West drug or the lyrics of his songs, as grounds to reduce payments or cancelled.

«They (Lloyd’s) provided no clear explanation as to why they have not paid (payment) and also indicated whether they plan to ever make these payments or make a decision about the sum insured, assuming the use of Kanye of marijuana may be cause for rejection of the claim and retain hundreds of thousands of dollars of insurance payments», — quotes the edition of a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Federal court in California.

In November last year, fans booed Kanye West during a concert in San Jose after he made a long speech about racism and immigration during his concert. His words of support for President Donald trump caused a wave of indignation among fans. Then on 22 November the police of Los Angeles received an emergency call arrived on the scene medics and police brought the West to the medical center Ronald Reagan at the University of California. This happened a day after the musician suddenly canceled all of his remaining concerts of the tour Saint Pablo. He received treatment from stress and overwork.