Kelly said, who wants to see the place gone from the position of Scaramucci

© REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst/File PhotoДиректор for communications in the White house Anthony of ScaramucciKelly said, who wants to see the place gone from the position of Scaramucci© REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst/File Photo

The President’s chief of staff, John Kelly, is considering the candidacy of colleagues in the Ministry of homeland security (DHS) for the post of Director of communications in the White house, TV channel CNN, citing sources in the American administration.

According to him, one of the first in the list of candidates for the vacant following the resignation of Anthony Scaramucci position is David Lepan is the official representative of the Ministry of internal security, with whom Kelly worked for more than ten years. However, Lepan channel said that he had not talked with Kelly or anyone else from the White house on this issue.

«I’ve seen speculation, but at the moment it’s just a rumor. I haven’t talked to anyone about it,» said Lepan, noting that he will consider the proposal, if available.

On Monday the White house announced that after only 10 days after the appointment of Scaramucci resigned to give the new chief of staff John Kelly «the full freedom and opportunity to create own team».

Last week the resignation of the head of the White house Raines, Primas and a spokesman for trump, Sean Spicer. The new chief of staff was retired General John Kelly, to former Minister of internal security, and the post of press Secretary took Sarah Sanders.

Also in the White house came a new Director of communications Anthony of Scaramucci, whom the press has described the reason for the resignation of Prebase and Spicer. Scaramucci, in the past, a rich financier, in the first days work was a rough battle against current and former colleagues at the White house — remarks were made in conversation with the journalist and subsequently made public. Scaramucci admitted that he had allowed himself «the bright expression», and promised that he will no longer trust journalists. He was dismissed on 31 July.

Kelly said, who wants to see the place gone from the position of Scaramucci© Integrationaliste US President