Movie premieres of the week: «the Dark tower» by king and conquered Cannes «Distress»

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotobounce cinema. Archival photoMovie premieres of the week: «the Dark tower» by king and conquered Cannes «Distress»© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

Two films from the program of the Cannes film festival – drama «Distress» by Russian Director Cantemir Balagova and «Wind river» American Taylor Sheridan, as well as the long-awaited film adaptation of the epic Stephen king «the Dark tower» this week will be released in Russian cinemas.

«The dark tower»

Admirers of «king of horror» Stephen king finally waited the release of the film adaptation of a cycle of novels «the Dark tower». The rating of audience expectations pictures on Rotten Tomatoes 99%. The film was a Dane Nikolai Arcel was nominated for «Oscar» for the film «a Royal affair», writer of the «Girl with the dragon tattoo». In «the Dark tower» Arcel was also a co-author of the script, personally approved by king. The writer was involved in all stages of the process of working on the film.

The dark tower universe king keeps the integrity of the Middle of the world, to destroy her dreams of the Almighty man in black Walter O Dim (Matthew McConaughey), he confronts the last gunslinger Roland diskan (Idris Elba). Between two opposing forces turns out to be a normal 14-year-old boy from our world. A significant part of the story the viewer sees it through the eyes of Jake.

«I decided to stick with the described king of the mix of modernity and fantasy. King in this matter – a real proof… We had to convince the audience of the plausibility of what is happening on the screen to the Middle world and its inhabitants was so convincing, as far as our normal, everyday life», – quotes the words of the Director of the press service of the film.

According to the Director, who played Arrow Idris Elba managed to convey all the nuances of Roland’s character. On the same claim and McConaughey, but the result was the man in black.

«This character of simple and cheerful, but cruel and terrible, it seems that he has everything under control. McConaughey was perfect for the role of the man in black – he is beyond charming and relaxed, but it feels monstrous energy,» explained Arsel.


The premiere of the film «Anguish» — the directorial debut of Cantemir Balagova, a graduate of the workshop of Alexander Sokurov has passed at the 70th annual Cannes film festival in the program «Special look». The film was awarded the prize of the International Federation of film critics FIPRESCI (FIPRESCI). The Russian premiere took place in the framework of the competition program of the film festival «Kinotavr» in Sochi, where the picture of international relations received the prize «for best debut», the film also won the Grand Prix of the International film festival named after Andrei Tarkovsky «the Mirror».

The plot on the Indian reservation «Windy river» Ranger Corey Lambert finds the mutilated body of a young girl. An experienced hunter with a tragic past, he decides to help in the investigation of this case to a novice FBI agent Jane banner, which the world reservations full of mysteries. Together, they confront the sinister forces of these places… starring Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Kelsey Chow, Julia Jones, John Bernthal.