Muscovites will not be active in the September elections, believes the member of the OP

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pesnyary in Moscow. Archival photoMuscovites will not be active in the September elections, believes the member of the OP© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song

Residents of Moscow are not very active in the upcoming September elections for deputies of the municipalities, since most of them are rather taking place in the capital changes according to the member of Public chamber of Moscow Pavel Danilin.

According to him, in Moscow, in the single voting day September 10, will be elected by deputies of 146 municipalities. About 1,500 will be awarded mandates.

«For any country it would be the elections that would attract everyone’s attention. In Moscow it is not. The reason probably lies in the fact that the actions of Federal and regional authorities generally meet the residents, the serious protests do not matter,» said Danilin during the round table «Regional elections 2017: the election campaign».

He noted that no protests against the renovation or protests against paid Parking are unable to develop into something more, as it was found that, in General, and paid Parking, and the renovation is supported by the vast majority of the inhabitants of Moscow.

«Yes, angry, definitely there, but when you begin to understand, is that you’re unhappy that your car can stand in the middle, but you’re very happy with what you have in the area don’t Park those who do not need. And this is some of the passivity of Muscovites on this issue», — said the member of the OP.

He also noted that the promises of the opposition in Moscow to put forward thousands of candidates for 1500 mandates were well-intentioned.

«In the end, I think, well, if the 15 people nominated. How many of them will, too, is unclear, they mostly go North-West,» said Danilin, noting that the Moscow electoral Commission registers almost all, failures are few and reasonable.