NASA is looking for a defender of the planet full time

© Photo : Shane Kimbrough/NASAВид on the Baja California Peninsula and the Bay from the International space station. Archive photoNASA is looking for a defender of the planet full time© Photo : Shane Kimbrough/NASA

On the NASA website opened up a «planetary protection officer» who will pay to 187 thousand dollars per year for protecting other planets from earthly biological material, and Vice versa.

The duties of the officer will include supervision of the planetary protection and ensuring the implementation of its programme in the framework of the space missions.

It involves tasks in which the organisms and organic material from the Earth can «intentionally or unintentionally» to get to other planets, and missions involving the return of spacecraft to Earth with samples of extraterrestrial objects of study in.

The ideal candidate needs to have at least a year of work in the high post in a state institution, to understand in all that relates to planetary protection, have sufficient engineering experience and be ready for constant traveling.

In addition, he will have to possess diplomatic skills and be able to make profitable for all outcomes on very complex for multilateral discussions.

As noted by Business Insider, this position is full time only have NASA and the European space Agency.