NATO reported losses after the attack on the convoy of the Alliance in Kandahar

© Flickr / The U.S. Imoviedownload the US army in Kandahar province, Afghanistan. Archival photoNATO reported losses after the attack on the convoy of the Alliance in Kandahar© Flickr / The U.S. Army

Operating in the Afghanistan mission, NATO reported casualties in the attack on a military convoy of NATO in Kandahar on Wednesday, without specifying data on them.

«Mission «Resolute support» can confirm that a NATO convoy was attacked today in Kandahar. In the attack have losses», — reads the statement of the Alliance on the official website of the mission. It is noted that work is under way to gather additional information on the incident.

Earlier, the TV channel Tolo News reported that a suicide bomber in a car attacked a convoy of foreign forces travelling to the airport of Kandahar city. Thus a press-the service of the local Governor noted that as a result of attack one vehicle in the convoy was damaged.

USA in 2001, launched in Afghanistan, anti-terrorist military operation later in the country with the approval of the UN security Council had deployed international forces on safety (ISAF) under NATO command. The anti-terrorist coalition under the command of U.S. and ISAF have been fighting with the militants of the movement «Taliban» and the international terrorist grouping «al-Kaida» (banned in Russia).

In 2014, the military contingent of the NATO countries were withdrawn from Afghanistan, and from 1 January 2015 to replace the military operation came a non-combat mission «Resolute support». In the same year in Afghanistan have increased their influence, the militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state» (is banned in many countries, including in Russia), which announced plans to form a springboard for further destabilization of the region and entered into direct confrontation with the Taliban. In April 2017 the acting Secretary General of the CSTO Valery Semerikov said that the terrorists of ISIS actively move from Syria and Iraq into Afghanistan.