New cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash perspective, the expert believes Sberbank CIB

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobasketball bitcoinNew cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash perspective, the expert believes Sberbank CIB© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

New currency Bitcoin is Cash, founded the split bitcoin into two currencies, forward-looking, will have additional benefits, but its viability can be assessed after 3-6 months, reported RIA Novosti head of Department of new economy, Sberbank CIB, a subsidiary of Sberbank, Sergey Polikanov.

Bitcoin August 1, was divided into two currencies — Bitcoin (Original) Bitcoin and Cash due to the fact that the developers of cryptocurrency are unable to resolve the differences software. In the end, the size of the block containing information about past transactions has been increased to 8 megabytes with a 1 megabyte just for the new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash. According to its developers, it will allow to increase network capacity, stimulating further growth. All owners automatically become bitcoin owners and Bitcoin Cash.

Against this background, the unit of Bitcoin (Original), according to the site over the past 24 hours fell by 3.2% to 2.7 thousand dollars. Bitcoin Cash, by contrast, actively becoming more expensive: as at 14.47 GMT, the daily growth amounted to 122%, and the cost of a unit of bitcoin has reached $ 626.

Capitalization of Bitcoin from Cash amounted to $ 8 billion, or a third place in the ranking of cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The new currency is already traded 5 of the 20 largest cripture, the expert said.

«Given the current volume of trading in the new currency Bitcoin Cash, she has prospects. It is important to note that the currency will have additional benefits from the point of view of its mining. At the same time liquidity will depend on market demand. The success and viability of the new currency will be confirmed on the horizon of 3-6 months,» says Pelicans.

Network separation (hardfork) is not the first in the history of cryptocurrency, and such an event occurred in Ethereum with the advent of the new currency Ethereum Classic. Unlike Ethereum, where the new owners Ethereum Classic had to reset your old account in Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash is automatically added to every owner of Bitcoin, and today, the market has an equal number of coins approximately 16,48 million each, said the head of Department of new economy, Sberbank CIB.