«Novaya Gazeta» believes that the authorities will not expel Nurmatov

© Photo : Ali Feruza account in FacebookЖурналист Novaya Gazeta Ali Feruz. Archive photo«Novaya Gazeta» believes that the authorities will not expel Nurmatov© Photo : Ali Feruza account in Facebook

In «the New newspaper» hope that the Federal authorities will heed the request of the editorial Board not to expel Russia correspondent, citizen of Uzbekistan Hudaberdi Nurmatov, especially because his relatives live in Russia, he studied in Russia and is fluent in the Russian language.

Basmanny court of Moscow on the eve decided to expel Nurmatov for the violation of immigration laws. As reported by «Novaya Gazeta» on its website, Nurmatov (alias Ali Feruz), which previously was denied temporary asylum in Russia, was detained on Tuesday in Moscow near the office. In may, the interior Ministry refused to the correspondent in temporary asylum, the journalist filed before the decision of the complaint. Previously the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow returned the complaint Nurmatov to the actions of the Ministry of internal Affairs in lack of jurisdiction of the issue of the Zamoskvoretsky court.

«We appeal to the Federal authorities, not to law enforcement. We are absolutely confident that our country is in no way interested in the fact that the expulsion of a citizen, whose mother is Russian, lives in the Altai, and that the state will violate its interests, and to send her son to Uzbekistan deports with unpredictable consequences», — told RIA Novosti chief editor of «Novaya Gazeta» Dmitry Muratov.

According to him, the editors and lawyers Nurmatov are «under appeal».

«We very much hope that the Russian Federal government and special services listen to the voice of the editorial Board and, of course, because he is what is called right of the soil – he went here, graduated from high school here, his brother, his mother; and to the right language because it is the bearer of the great Russian language, as well as a dozen languages of various peoples of the East», — said the Agency interlocutor.

In March Nurmatov detained because of a violation of the rules of entry or the regime of stay in Russia and made him the administrative report, but the reporter did not appear in court. According to «Novaya Gazeta», Nurmatov was earlier arrested in Russia at the request of the Uzbek authorities, and from Uzbekistan he left «a few years ago due to the fact that local security services tried to recruit him». While the publication did not believe «that this man is a radical Islamist».

According to the source RIA Novosti in the police, Nurmatov is illegal in Russia in 2011 and 2012 without a single identity document: then he allegedly lost expired passport for five years so it was never restored. In addition, according to the source, in 2015 Nurmatov works in «Novaya Gazeta» without a work permit.