NTV journalist commented on the attack in Gorky Park

The correspondent of NTV Leonid Razvozzhayev Nikita in the program «Segodnya» commented on the incident in Gorky Park, when, during a live broadcast he was attacked by a drunk man.

The journalist said that he feels fine despite the fact that he’s dizzy and sore cheekbones.

«In the first seconds I didn’t feel it was probably a little shock,» — said Leonid Razvozzhayev.

In an interview to RT correspondent added that he expected the man to hit him.

«When I spoke with the lead, she already asked their questions, and I wanted to tell you about paratroopers celebrate their professional holiday that it goes well without incident, the man approached,» said Leonid Razvozzhayev. According to the journalist, he thought that the unknown just say «for VDV» or «nobody but us». However, the man «started screaming something bad». The reporter asked the man to shut up, as there is a direct inclusion.

«And at this point he punched me in the face,» — said the journalist.

He added that the Marines volunteered to help catch a bully, but the police detained him at the exit of the Park two minutes later.

Earlier it became known that the drunk man hit the journalist of NTV during the celebration of Day of airborne troops. The attack took place live in the moment when Leonid Razvozzhayev told why called elite airborne troops.

Police detained the hooligan, and he, according to law enforcement officers, airborne has no relation. It was them 32-the summer Muscovite Dmitry Orlov.

The injured reporter was immediately provided medical aid, now his health is not in danger. Moscow Prosecutor’s office was instructed to conduct a probe into the attack.