Oreshkin: the WTO system is not perfect, but the alternatives today are no

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty in fotomancer economic development of the Russian Federation Maxim Oreshkin. Archival photoOreshkin: the WTO system is not perfect, but the alternatives today are no© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty the image Bank

The system of the world trade organization is not perfect and needs optimization, but it does not exist today, said Wednesday the Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin.

«We can’t pretend that the WTO system is perfect and does not need optimization, but we have no alternatives to the WTO,» he said. at the meeting of Ministers of economy and foreign trade of the BRICS countries.

According to him, currently, the status of WTO as the multilateral trading system has often been questioned.

«The system is criticized for slow decision-making process, dispute resolution, lack of effective enforcement of international trading rules», — he said.

The Minister added that the preparation of the G20 summit in Hamburg has shown that some countries have moved away he accepted the rules and began to follow the approach of «do what I want», and the WTO was created in order for such approaches to fight.