Panama may recall its Ambassador from Venezuela

© RIA Novosti / Oleg Ivanovata in fotobounce in Caracas. Archival photoPanama may recall its Ambassador from Venezuela© RIA Novosti / Oleg Ivanovata the image Bank

The government of Panama is considering withdrawing its Ambassador from Venezuela, said the foreign Minister Isabel de Saint Malo.

«This is a topic that we are discussing for many months (the recall of the Ambassador, ed.). If we have not done before, it is only to protect the interests of Panama to this country and to be in solidarity with the humanitarian situation, which worried our brothers Venezuelans» – leads the channel Globovision the words of de Saint-Malo.

In turn, the Vice-President of Panama, Luis Miguel Hincapie noted that the question of the recall of the Ambassador may be resolved in the coming days, however, the question of the rupture of diplomatic relations between the two countries is not. «To break relations with Venezuela – it would be an extreme step. Countries in the region still hopes for a resolution of the conflict, and the gap completely separates from this opportunity,» said Hincapie.

Previously the foreign Ministry of Colombia said that country’s Ambassador will not return to Venezuela in protest against the elections of the national constituent Assembly. Ambassador Ricardo Lozano were recalled from Caracas in late March, when the Supreme court of Venezuela stated that the assumed legislative power of the Parliament and deprive deputies of immunity. Then the Supreme court reversed its decision.

Previously, Colombia, along with other countries in the region stated that it did not recognize the results of elections to the constituent Assembly of Venezuela. The announcement of these elections is to reform the Constitution and, according to experts, the change management system. In particular, President Nicolas Maduro through the national can attempt to permanently deprive the opposition Parliament of its functions, as well as to reform the Prosecutor General’s office, opposed his initiatives.