Rostransnadzor, recommended that the metro of St. Petersburg to take the example of Moscow

© RIA Novosti / Anna Malcovati in photobacteria in the lobby of the metro station Sennaya square in St. Petersburg, where the explosion occurred. Archival photoRostransnadzor, recommended that the metro of St. Petersburg to take the example of Moscow© RIA Novosti / Anna Welcomeplay the image Bank

The situation with the crowd of people at the entrances of a number of metro stations of Saint-Petersburg showed the unwillingness of its control service to the new conditions of work; the subway should reconsider the plan of measures to ensure transport safety, in particular, increasing the number of frames, and to adopt examples of successful work in this field, for example, the Moscow metro, said in the message of rostransnadzora.

The office recalls that after an unscheduled inspection of the St. Petersburg metro in connection with the attack of 3 April, were revealed a number of violations of transport safety requirements and the provisions for their elimination.

«Currently in St. Petersburg and other metros in the territory of the Russian Federation carries out measures for improving the security in connection with the new requirements for security in the subways, approved by the RF government on 5 April this year. In connection with the beginning of these events in the St. Petersburg metro for 4 stations was observed the congestion at entrances. The current situation has shown the unavailability of control service of the underground to new conditions of work», — stated in the message of rostransnadzora.

Total screening of passengers at the metro station Krestovskiy Ostrov
The queue to enter stretched for 150 meters#SPB #[email protected]

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The office recalls that the law imposes on the metro the responsibility for ensuring transport security. According to the authority, the arisen situation has shown that the developed Petersburg metro plan of transport security requires further refinement in the application of technical means of inspection and preparation of staff.

«Saint Petersburg metro needs to revise the plan of measures to ensure transport security in the assigned object — namely, to increase the number of part-detectors, to organize a fast application of technical means on the entrances/exits to the subway, to operate equipment necessary number of trained personnel, and, finally, to adopt examples of successful work in this area, such as the experience of the Moscow metro», — stated in the message.

Appeal metro the requirements of Rostransnadzor, said the Agency, due to organizational issues of the audit, and registration requirements. However, the fact of violation of requirements of transport safety remains and requires the adoption of measures for their elimination.

A wonderful place in metro m already 3 day?now to go to the metro you need at least to stand for 15 minutes??

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