Soldiers, the jackals and the night in the police: how to make a circumnavigation on two salaries

© Fotolia / ZaozaaМолодой man with backpack. Archival photoSoldiers, the jackals and the night in the police: how to make a circumnavigation on two salaries© Fotolia / Zaozaa

Around the world for many an impossible dream. It is believed that to travel the world, you need a lot of time, and – most importantly – money. But there are people who by his example proves that you can travel practically with an empty purse. On how to circumnavigate the planet on two salaries office worker, or links to China, RIA Novosti was told by a sommelier from Dnepropetrovsk Artem Kapinus and former IT-specialist from Saint-Petersburg a novel of the Old.

Artem Kapinus traveled to China through the people’s Karabakh

— To travel I wanted three years ago, but was always some reason to postpone the trip for later. The time has come when I broke up with my girl, I realized that it is time to change a life. Decided not just to go and experience yourself, with all the right equipment, but with a zero balance. Route he was elected in advance. Why China? God knows, this idea sat somewhere on a subconscious level. It was decided to go through Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Caspian sea, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan to reach China.

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None of my friends did not know about the plan, as well as parents. At work I warned in advance that you’re leaving and want to quit. With a rented apartment moved out two weeks before travel, and most personal belongings were sold. Huge bag of clothing I had taken to a city nursing home. Empty wardrobe — easy soul.

I collected his provisions, prepared about four pounds of nuts, dried fruits, seeds. Then it seemed to me that during the trip I was very skinny, and now laugh about it, because in fact I only gained weight.

Through Russia raced transit very quickly — within 1.5 days. Hurried I knew not where. In Tbilisi we arrived at night on the third day, not having to get rid of the fear of the unknown, so seriously nervous. On the second day of stay in the city was calmer: I met a guy from Belarus that came to me when I was sitting on the bench and tried to mount the video. We started talking and it turned out that he also travels. Together decided to explore the city, wandering through the narrow streets, admired the architecture, and shared experiences.

On one of the uncrowded streets I found a $ 100 gel. This is a very significant amount for a simple findings: approximately 2.5 thousand rubles. A real gift of fate! Immediately had the confidence that I’m on the right track. By the way, the money I took more than three weeks in Georgia and Armenia.

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Skills of hitchhiking I was not versed in the process. So I passed the greater part of Georgia. Often people are invited and treated. Two nights we slept Belarusian illegally on the territory of Batumi to a national Park — went for free and accidentally found a semi-abandoned building. Was in Borjomi, Vardzia, and Akhalkalaki. The latter was a singularly unpleasant town. Next, Armenia. Yerevan. Chorviran.

After I met a traveler from Estonia by name of Stas. Once we needed money and we decided to earn what you do best. Realized musical number — I played the harmonica, and he juggled balls, which were kindly provided by a local resident, as we later learned, the main tennis referee Tbilisi. Baku also played on the street for half an hour and earned $ 35. However, for our representation was detained by the police as troublemakers.

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Then I did not know much: for example, the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. In Nagorno-Karabakh we happened to fall accidentally. «Stopped» the car near Harviala was going to drive 150 miles at the most. In the end, the driver offered to drive with him to Karabakh itself, and I agreed.

Then I realized what I might be visiting the «unrecognized state». But the Karabakh turned out to be Paradise! Virtually untouched nature. The woods are full of bears, there are wild cats, and wolves sometimes come into towns. The road and then ran the jackals. The local told us that earlier it was possible to cash in on their shooting over 20 carcasses gave a lot of money. Now nobody is engaged in it, so the animals feel a lot of them.

The capital city of Stepanakert seemed cozy and clean place. Children are constantly shouted to us «Hello», thinking, perhaps, that before them the representatives of the Western world. Was asked several times to take pictures.

Time I rode in the back of a Ural with soldiers who went to the border and got a lift to the hot springs a few kilometers from their base, while providing a mountain of military provisions. Asked what I was forced to go on this journey, even the beer was treated. Someone laughed, others admired. I just had time to turn around, the scenery around was beautiful.

On the border in Azerbaijan, I immediately threw unpleasant issues with detection of Armenian stamps, but I acted calmly and denied it. Good luck — and Azerbaijan already meets the July sun.

Now I am in Kyrgyzstan, where soon will return to Kazakhstan. And there then China. But now I realize that this is not the end of my journey, from there I want to go to Tibet.

The novel is a year Old traveled around the world on two salaries

— It all started because of the passion for concerts. Five years ago a boring winter evening I was sitting at home in Saint-Petersburg and saw on the Internet a poster for the upcoming music festival in Belgium. The artists I’ve been listening to all get together. This is a unique case, which I could not miss. Then it seemed that Europe is very far away, like on another planet, and I’m here on Earth, and even without passports and visas. Travel experience I had, therefore, to be safe, I decided to go tour, which was organized by a St. Petersburg musician. On the trip, I was ecstatic.

To get vaccinated against exotic diseases, in my opinion, there is not much point — each country has its own disease, and we have a lot of them don’t know. I did the usual vaccinations against tetanus, hepatitis. Requires yellow fever vaccination for those who are going to Africa. On trips I have a standard set of medications: remedy for allergies, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, several antibiotics, activated carbon, bandages, cotton wool, disinfectant, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, adhesive tape.

Hitchhiking everywhere: in Europe and America accustomed to it, understand what it is, calmly take, if on the way. But in Asia, the drivers stop just out of curiosity, offer help. The best hitchhiking, in my opinion, in Thailand — there is a very easy pick up everything, from the friendly drivers to the police.