Standing up against «Matilda»: hundreds of Orthodox prayed for the ban of the film

© TPO Rock (2017) scene from the movie Matilda. Archival photoStanding up against «Matilda»: hundreds of Orthodox prayed for the ban of the film© TPO Rock (2017)

A prayer vigil against the film «Matilda» was held at the Moscow Church of the Resurrection in kadashi without Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya, has actively campaigned for action. About why came think Nicholas II is almost a family member, and what else they are willing to take in order to prevent the release of films, learned the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The film «Matilda» by Alexei Uchitel about the fate of the ballerina Matilda Kschessinska, who was in love, the future Nicholas II. Starring Mikhalina Olshansky from Poland, Nicholas II — German actor Lars Eidinger. The premiere will be held on 6 October at the Mariinsky theatre of St. Petersburg, and in wide release picture due out October 25. The Director repeatedly stated that he was surprised about the hype around his film, which still no one even saw.

The essence of the claims

«Where to pray? In the temple or on the street?» — ask believers going to the temple.

«And as God wills. If we’re going in the temple, and if a lot, on the street,» answers one of the organizers standing.

First, activists wanted to hold a rally at one of the town squares, but the mayor’s office denied them in this, therefore, was confined to the temple grounds. It soon becomes clear that the temple to accommodate everyone. people flooded almost the entire territory around the building.

Many in the crowd worried and looking through the eyes of the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya. Hearing their talks, others grumble: «To the temple have to prayer to come, and not the politicians stare.» Through the crowd there-here scurry woman with piles of papers is an activist collecting signatures for a ban of the movie «Matilda».

Finally, go around the temple in procession two dozen priests and hundreds of believers. Newly arrived people gradually flow into the moving crowd. Now about a thousand people slowly moving towards the rear courtyard of the temple, where, as announced by the organizers, and held a prayer vigil.

A high wall separating the temple grounds from the construction site, hang posters with photographs of the family of the last Russian Emperor and inscriptions «For the faith, for the Fatherland, for the Tsar!».

«We evaluate the movie, based on publicly available trailers available on the Internet… In «Matilda» our Holy Emperor appears to be a fornicator and Empress Alexandra – witch. It’s a lie, insulting the feelings of believers» — announced the coordinator of the Orthodox public movement «forty times Forty» and organizer standing, Andrey Kornuhin.

He stressed that the Orthodox are unable in this situation to take the position «don’t look», because they Nicholas II «like kin.»

«Misters officials! We, Orthodox people, I don’t want this film defaming saints of the Russian Orthodox Church and directly offend our religious feelings, released» he calls to the gathered the leader of the «Soroka».

He also said that if the believers today will not be heard, that such actions will be carried out again. Then within a half hour all prayed. Themselves to the last, the organizers hoped Poklonskaya, who actively supported the holding of standing, will be able to come. Only at the very end of the prayer, it became known that the Deputy is at an important meeting and get in on the action this time can not.

Passion Matilda

The scandal around the «Matilda» broke in 2016. Then little-known social movement, «king’s cross» felt the painting «a threat to national security». Probably no one would about it did not know if the story is not interested in Natalia Poklonskaya.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and anti-corruption sent a request to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika with a request to check the film. Though the filmmakers insisted that «Matilda» is not yet ready and no one has ever seen, the Deputy replied that the appeal to the Prosecutor General enough written and oral requests from the public.

Later the Director of the film Alexey Uchitel has stated that any violations of the law in his film is not found. As soon Poklonskaya said that prosecutors will ask for more and approved the script of the film to conduct his research and expertise. However, until now there have been no formal decisions about the detection of violations of the law.

In late January, the NTV television channel distributed broadcast email that the organization «Christian state Holy Russia» were sent to Directors of theaters to refuse to hire «Matilda». Later the lawyer of the Teachers reported that the Director has addressed with the statement to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation with the request to protect the team from «threats and illegal actions of the persons extremist» and the slander from the Deputy of the state Duma of Natalia Polonskaya.

«I have not read, but condemn»

On request Poklonskaya, the Commission of experts concluded about the «Matilda», examined the trailers of the film and the script. Verdict: the image of Nicholas II in the film did not match the picture Russian Orthodox Church canonized the Emperor. The Ministry of culture, this conclusion is refused to accept, indignant that the experts made it «without seeing the film.»

State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin called the request for checks of the film Director of Teachers personal initiative of MP Natalia Polonskaya. He stressed that the inspection agencies in this situation may either assign the test or refuse it.

The Deputy refused to watch «Matilda» not wanting to «Mara». «People have regarded this film as a provocation and anti-Orthodox have a right to say so, because they Express their opinion,» wrote Taylor in his blog on LiveJournal. She also expressed doubt that the film will glorify and cultivate patriotism and a moral start.

Position Poklonskaya share Orthodox public organizations across the country, in particular, the movement «forty times Forty». They initiated the all-Russian prayer vigil against the «Matilda». Poklonskaya also invited Teachers of standing, so he could chat with opponents. The Director responded to her invitation to the premiere of the upcoming film.

The position of the Church

The Russian Orthodox Church has not yet announced its official position regarding «Matilda». But some of its members expressed their opinions. Thus, the Chairman of the Department for external Church relations Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk even watched the film. But then confessed to the Teacher that there is nothing good to say about the episode and considers it «an apotheosis of vulgarity».Standing up against «Matilda»: hundreds of Orthodox prayed for the ban of the film© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in potabachim «Matilda» does not violate the criminal code, said Bortko

Another Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church – Bishop Egorievsk Tikhon (Shevkunov) – didn’t like the distortion of history in «Matilda». The creators of the film Nicholas II is torn between Mathilde and Alexandra is, according to the Bishop, nothing like a slander, as in reality, according to him, a love triangle was not.

«Why, who they want to confuse the head of another masterpiece with the slogan: «the Mystery of the Romanovs»? What’s the mystery? About the relationship of the heir and Kschessinska knew all secular Petersburg», — said Bishop Tikhon.

However, the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church stressed that to demand a ban of the film wrong. In his opinion, sufficient to warn viewers about the historical truth and falsehood in «Matilda». The plot of the film, said the Bishop allows it to include only the fantasy genre.