The CEC denied the words Roizman about the impossibility to pass the municipal filter

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Mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman, who planned to run as a candidate for the post of Governor of Sverdlovsk region from the «Yabloko» party, had the opportunity to gather in support of his nomination the voices of municipal deputies — free there were 619 signatures of deputies in 72 of the 73 districts in the region, said the leadership of the Central election Commission.

Roizman July 18 announced the termination of the campaign on elections of the head of the region, citing the impossibility of collecting signatures of municipal deputies and administrative pressure. As recalled during the meeting on Wednesday, the Deputy head of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev, Roizman said that was assembled a blocking stake in 18 municipalities, which did not allow him to collect the necessary number of votes and overcome the municipal filter.

«Municipal formations in the Sverdlovsk region 73. According to the data that we have, they are absolutely objectively confirmed, the free votes of the deputies remained in 72 municipalities. No blocking stake was not, and if he was, then it needs to lead some evidence,» said Bulaev.

During the meeting he also showed the letter received from Sberbank of Russia, which is engaged in opening campaign accounts of candidates for elections. «We see the letter received from savings Bank of the Russian Federation, which says that Mr. Roizman did not apply to the savings Bank to open special election accounts. This means that it is unlikely that people were going to participate in the election campaign from the very beginning, because to campaign without voting bills impossible,» — said the Deputy head of the CEC.

In turn, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova said that the data confirm once again the political immorality of the official statement of the party «Yabloko» for this reason. «You see now, what are all these conjectures, hysteria, innuendo about some of the so-called candidates. Here’s a bomb, it is a sensation: the man who declared that he goes to the polls, did the main thing — not opened accounts. And all other actions, it is obvious that this is just a lie,» she said.

According to her, can not stand criticism any statements Roizman that the municipal filter cannot be overcome, nor his allegations that the current candidates in the government took all of the signatures, not allowing him to overcome the filter.

«Here’s the real situation: it was necessary in 55 municipalities of the Sverdlovsk region to collect 72 of 73 was free. If desired, it was necessary to travel and socialize, then it would have already been the real fact, denied or not is 619 municipal deputies and heads of municipal districts, in addition to this 91 the signature of the heads and deputies of representative bodies of other levels, too, were free,» — said Pamfilova.