The CEC promised to adjust the municipal filter

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Need to amend the municipal filter is, this rule will undoubtedly be revised, discussed various options, but even the staunchest opponents of this mechanism understand that it is a sensible start, said the Deputy head of the CEC of Russia Nikolay Bulaev.

«The fact that the municipal filter will be revised and necessary, is beyond doubt. As for cancellation — I’m not a big supporter of such radical measures, yet it gives you the opportunity to hold the first selection on the capacity for political work,» said Bulaev RIA Novosti in response to the question, are there any legislative decisions related to municipal filter.

He explained that the municipal filter allows you to identify candidates who participate in the campaign, just because I want to see how they will react to the population. «As the election campaign is still money, and any member requires additional costs of the electoral system on its participation,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

However, some preference in the collection of signatures of municipal deputies, probably, should give the parties, who have repeatedly proved their worth to the voter, said Bulaev.

«There are some positions, there are radical — undoing, but I think she quietly someone says, because even the staunchest opponents of the municipal filter understand that it is common beginning,» he added.

While the issue is under discussion, to talk about some feature of the solution sooner, he said. «There is a working group that works in the presidential administration, the working group discussed various options,» said Bulaev.