The CEC told about the project to install video cameras in the presidential elections

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in photobanks the building of the Central election Commission (CEC) of Russia. Archival photoThe CEC told about the project to install video cameras in the presidential elections© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The CEC of Russia has told, on what areas it is proposed to organize the surveillance of the presidential elections in 2018, which expenses it will require and who will be able to access the video archive after the day of voting.

At the meeting on Wednesday, the CEC presented for discussion by the Commission a draft document which reglamentary the order of application of video surveillance on polling stations during the presidential elections in 2018.

Plans for installing

«We elaborated on the procedure for the installation of cameras has specified the order of access to change the field of view, we are more strictly ordered it and made all the possible accesses to the camcorder more public. In this case we are trying to avoid those cases when the camcorder is in the polling station, and shows the quality of the repair of the ceiling… We believe that it will not happen again on any polling station,» — said the Deputy head of the CEC of Russia Nikolay Bulaev during the meeting, speaking about the prepared document.

He recalled that in the presidential election in 2018, the CEC has proposed to organize video monitoring at polling stations, where potentially unable to vote 85% of the population. To equip cameras all sites in all regional and district centers and larger settlements. Earlier Bulaev noted that the cost of such surveillance will be about 3 billion rubles.

«It turns out that when the sufficiency and reasonableness of the expenditures of the Federal budget is not as great as it was before. We are confident that the proposals of the Ministry of communications, today stacked in the figure to three billion rubles, to be precise — 2.7 billion rubles. We believe this allows us to solve the tasks we set ourselves when the video surveillance on the election of the President,» said Bulaev.

The Deputy Minister said that the document also provides for the organization of video surveillance in the territorial electoral commissions that did not exist before. He expressed the hope that it would be supported by the Ministry of communications, which will organize video surveillance.

«We anticipate that these cameras could be installed in the premises of territorial commissions, where there is a reception of protocols of precinct election commissions, to begin broadcasting from eight o’clock in the evening. And the second video camera to be put there, where there is increased filling of the form PivotTable» — said the Deputy Minister.

Storage and access

He said that the storage period of video recording from the day of voting assumed to be determined by agreement between the communications Ministry and the contractor. However, the storage period of video archive, in any case can not be less than three months, this provision is specified in the document, which was prepared by the CEC.

At the same time, if a specific polling station there is an appeal to the court, «the video archive from this site is stored up to the moment of consideration by court of the decision and the entry of this decision into force,» said Bulaev. «In this case, we do not restrict neither the three months nor year this time, it is limited to only that period during which the court examines the complaint», — he explained.

With regard to access to the video archive, it is supposed to be wide enough, said the Deputy head of the CEC. In particular, access to the recording must be members of precinct election commissions, in addition all observers in their areas should be able to file a complaint and use the video as evidence of the validity of the complaint.

Of course, unlimited possibilities in this respect should be the presidential candidates, so they can at any time to access videos at any polling station, said Bulaev. Same unlimited opportunities, the CEC proposes to give and parties which have nominated presidential candidates.

«In the voting day to observe the polling station in any territory, any citizen at home,» he said.