The Kremlin said that the law on new sanctions de facto does not change anything

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in fotobounce the Moscow Kremlin. Archival photoThe Kremlin said that the law on new sanctions de facto does not change anything© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

The signing by US President of the law on anti-Russian sanctions de facto does not change, the document would become law anyway, said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

On Wednesday, the President of the United States Donald trump signed passed by the Congress a bill on new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. Congress had more than enough votes to override a possible presidential veto trump, and the President was largely forced to sign the bill. Thus a press-service of the White house issued two statements in which the President criticizes the document and explains why he still signed it.

«This is not news. The fact that a bill has been passed and with the signature or without the signature of the President (US) he would have become the law of the machine. That is, de facto it changes nothing,» — said Peskov, commenting on trump the bill.

«What response? Nothing new, was already taken retaliatory measures,» he added, answering the question of whether there would be any response.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the staff of the U.S. mission in Russia is the same as the staff of the Russian Embassy in America by 455 people on each side. According to him, the 755 employees of the American Embassy will have to cease operations. The Russian foreign Ministry on 28 July urged the United States until September 1 to change the number of employees of the diplomatic mission. In addition, Russia from August 1 stopped the use of the U.S. Embassy in Russia warehouse space on a Traffic street in Moscow and the Embassy dacha in Serebryany Bor. These measures were a response to anti-Russian policy adopted by the us Congress of the new anti-Russian sanctions.