The Ministry of natural resources proposes to allow an individual gold mining in Kolyma

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Ministry of natural resources once again proposes to allow mining of placer gold individual entrepreneurs (the so-called free prinos), but this time only in the Magadan region. The corresponding bill is published for public comment on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

The Ministry proposes to amend the law «On precious metals and precious stones» and the law «On subsoil», according to which individual entrepreneurs (IE), a license for subsoil use, can extract gold from placer deposits of the Magadan region. Discussion of amendments will continue until 18 August.

Long story

A new initiative of the bill belongs to the authorities of Kolyma. In October 2015, the press service of the Governor of the Magadan region reported that the state Duma will consider amendments to the Federal law «On subsoil», which will allow the Kolyma to become a pilot region for development of standards for the legalization of «free prinos» gold.

Gold mining to private individuals are prohibited in Russia since 1954. In the 1990s, the authorities of the Magadan region for the first time in recent history Russia has tried to change this situation, but to no avail. In 2003, a similar bill about a free contribution by the state Duma and the Federation Council have already taken, but then it wasn’t signed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Another bill, which would remove existing restrictions, is considered by the state Duma since September 2010. The first reading of it took place in January 2011.

Thus, the draft law published by the Ministry of environment, was not the first in this area. However, his action is proposed to extend only in Magadan oblast.

The essence of the bill

Under the proposed amendments, the reserves, who will be able to develop individual prospectors, must not exceed 10 kilograms of gold, with an area of 0.15 square kilometres and the licence is 5 years.

In addition, the boundaries of these areas should not be inferred resources of gold; subsoil plots that are included in the geological study, or proposed to provide for use of subsoil plots of Federal importance. As sites may not be located within the boundaries of specially protected natural territories.

List of sites on which you will be able to work as individual entrepreneurs to assert territorial body of the Committee. For obtaining a license, the entrepreneur will need to submit an application which will be reviewed by the Commission within 30 days. In the use of IP can have only one site.

It is assumed that an individual entrepreneur will have the right to mine placer gold personally, without the involvement of other persons on a contractual basis, to a depth of 5 meters, without the use of blasting and without using sinter plants, mining, drilling exploration equipment, machines for earthmoving work, the development and maintenance of quarries and industrial tractors. Technical designs and other project documentation for execution of works is not required.

The problem

In materials of the Ministry of environment notes that at the present time in the Russian legislation there are no legal standards about the specifics of mining operations by individual entrepreneurs. The law «On precious metals and precious stones» allows the extraction of only legal persons (organizations).

However, the illegal alluvial gold production in Russia, according to various sources, every year is more than 10 tons, supporting the crime situation.

As a result of years of development of deposits of Magadan region, the number of gold-bearing placers with reserves of more than 100 kilograms of metal, was reduced several times. The number of facilities with stocks of gold and 10 kg or less, not having industrial value, only on the Kolyma is about 100. Testing of such small objects is economically feasible only individual entrepreneurs in conditions of simplified procedure of access to mineral resources.

Authoritative opinion

The enemy of innovation is the Union of prospectors of Russia. According to its Chairman Victor Tarakanovskiy, the mass organization of individual enterprises on mining of gold can lead to a «cooldown» industry and the criminalization of this sphere.

«I am categorically against of the free miners. I believe that the adoption of this bill will open the way to theft and banditry. Now the existence of (natural) gold from individuals without proper documents is a criminal offense. And under the new conditions, if stolen, can you come and say that you are a gold Deposit,» — said Tarakanov in an interview to «Vestnik gold mining».