The white house plans to launch an investigation concerning the trade policy of China, found the media

© AP Photo / Vincent Thai China and the United States. Archival photoThe white house plans to launch an investigation concerning the trade policy of China, found the media© AP Photo / Vincent Thian

The white house is preparing to launch an investigation concerning the trade policy of the PRC on the background of the growing concern of States about the efforts of the Chinese government to make the country a global leader in the field of technologies of the future, writes the New York Times, citing people familiar with the plans of the administration of Donald trump.

The announcement of the beginning of the investigation can be done in the coming days. As writes the edition, this step will signal the departure of the US administration from the desire for closer cooperation between Beijing and Washington. This is partly due to the fact that U.S. officials are disappointed with the reluctance of China to confront North Korea.

As the newspaper writes, citing three people familiar with the administration’s plans trump, the investigation will focus on alleged violations of intellectual property United States on the Chinese side.

According to the New York Times, China plans in 2025 to become the leading manufacturers in cutting-edge fields, including robotics, artificial intelligence and others. The policy of the country, known as the Made in China 2025, aims to make China a global leader 10 industries with the help of huge injections of public funds and protecting those areas of production from competitors in the United States. At the same time, the Chinese government insists on reducing license fees by U.S. companies for key patents and the creation of joint ventures for doing business in China.

It is reported that the investigation into the Office of the U.S. Trade representative concerning the trade practices of China can last several months. After that, Washington can take a number of actions, including to impose very high tariffs on Chinese imports and to cancel the license issued to Chinese companies for doing business in the United States.

Earlier, the trump in his microblog on Twitter wrote that he was disappointed in China, as Beijing has done nothing to resolve the problem of the DPRK. The U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley also called on Beijing to begin to take action against Pyongyang.