Accused of corruption, the former Sakhalin Governor Khoroshavin had a stroke

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Escaparate in fotobanka-Governor of the Sakhalin region Alexander Horoshavin. Archival photoAccused of corruption, the former Sakhalin Governor Khoroshavin had a stroke© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Escaparate the image Bank

The former Governor of Sakhalin region Alexander Khoroshavin, who for several months on trial on charges of corruption, suffered a stroke, RIA Novosti said on Thursday, his lawyer Olga Artyukhova.

«Computed tomography of the brain revealed that Mr Khoroshavin (prizes) suffered a stroke, he has a vascular disorder in the brain. And his constant complaints about chest pain is alarming doctors. It seems to us that this is just a consequence of dysfunction of the heart. I just today was in jail, my client holds a high pressure does not drop below 130. Doctors advised him to complete a survey and according to the doctor the FPS, it will be continued next week», — said Artyukhov.

She added that doctors in the jail are doing everything possible in that situation. On a daily basis before meeting in the prison measure the pressure of the defendant and send help to the court. And the court decides whether to deliver them into the hall, to consider whether the case.

Yesterday in the courtroom fainted another defendant in the case — a former adviser to the prizes Andrey Ikramov. «He called the ambulance, the team acknowledged the necessity of delivery in hospital», — said the lawyer.

In her words, «fast» Surat Ikramov recommended that a consultation with a neurologist, there is no information about the state of his health from a lawyer there. A day earlier, for Ikramova also called «fast», because of the pressure, which reached a 180, then he made a shot, the pressure is not reduced, he was taken to the hospital, where the pressure was reduced to 130.

«The words of the lawyer Ikramova I know he had some heart disorders are. I said this in the hospital that the pressure indicators do not provide hospitalization. Today, we are on a powder keg, the last thing I wish they had some health problems in the situation in which they find themselves. We fear to strokes and heart attacks,» — said Artyukhov.

Before Ikramova condition deteriorated, he told the court that to him in jail periodically go to the FSB. «They say they come in agreement with the court, the court in these actions was authorized to negotiate with him, or more precisely, asking him to negotiate the prizes in exchange for a nine-year term of imprisonment… In this regard, Andrew R. (Ikramov) asked the court to ensure his safety and protect him from such forms of providing pressure on him. Is it good or not good for Ikramova (term 9 years), I don’t know, but the fact of pressure there,» — said Artyukhov.

Today, the court should continue to 16.30 (8.30 GMT), is expected to be videoconference connections with another witness from Moscow.

Accused of corruption, the former Sakhalin Governor Khoroshavin had a strokeAccusations of crime and punishment Russian officials