Alibaba intends to launch in China high-rise vending machines

© AFP 2017 / StringerШтаб-Alibaba. Archival photoAlibaba intends to launch in China high-rise vending machines© AFP 2017 / Stringer

The largest Chinese Internet company Alibaba Group to the end of this year plans to launch first in China vending machine for the sale of cars, said in a statement.

A project initiated by a subsidiary of Alibaba, the online marketplace The General Manager of the company Yu Wei said that customers will be able on your smartphone to select one of the vehicles, located in a giant garage, pay for the order and after a few minutes the car will be delivered on the lower floor, where the buyer can pick up.

«This will make buying a car as easy as buying a can of soda,» said Yu Wei.

To buy cars in the vending machine will be able customers with a good Credit rating Sesame (the rating system on Alibaba, which gives users scores based on their consumer behavior). Anyone with more than 750 points will be able to choose any car model online, to pay the first installment in the amount of 10% of the value, and then pick her up. Further the client must make a monthly payment via Alipay to complete the payment of the cost of goods.

A similar machine with a height of 15 floors earned in may this year in Singapore, it holds 60 cars. Even before the technology appeared in the American city of Nashville.

Alibaba lately often holds various events for the sale of luxury cars which are in China, in great demand. So, last year Maseratiпродали 100 cars in 18 seconds during a «flash sale» on Tmall, which marked the opening of a flagship store of the automaker at the Internet site. Car brand Alfa Romeo has also resorted to «flash sale» in March last year, then 33 seconds, it was sold out 350 cars model Giulia Milano.

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