CEC: Roizman’s time to admit that he was not going to participate in elections

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The head of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman was not going to participate in elections on a post of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region — he is the only one of the candidates has not filed the application about opening of special electoral accounts, see the explanations to the question of participation in elections Roizman, distributed in the press center of the CEC of Russia.

Roizman, who planned to stand as a candidate from the party «Yabloko», on July 18 announced the termination of the campaign on elections of the head of the region, citing the impossibility of collecting signatures of municipal deputies and administrative pressure.

On Wednesday, the CEC stated that Roizman had the opportunity to gather in support of his nomination the voices of municipal deputies — free in 72 of the 73 districts in the region remained 619 signatures of deputies and heads elected at the level of districts and urban districts. In addition, according to the CEC, the candidate of the «Yabloko» was not addressed in Sberbank to open electoral account required the candidates to campaign.

«And the only candidate for the post of Governor of Sverdlovsk region, Evgeny Vadimovich Roizman, had not filed such Declaration in the appropriate branch of the savings Bank, has not opened the special election account, and we argue that he was not going to participate in elections. It is time for him to admit it,» — said in the explanation of the CEC.

In the notes provided that signatures in support of nomination for the position of head of the region, according to the law, you can collect from the date of nomination, i.e. from the moment of receipt to the electoral Commission the necessary documents and authorization for opening of special election accounts. But this does not mean that the electoral bill, did not open, said the Agency. According to the CEC, all candidates in the elections of heads of regions has opened the account on the date of receipt of the authorization.

«I dare to think that his statement about his alleged 39 and then a further nine signatures of deputies (48 signatures) is, at least, is incorrect. I think that their was not one. Otherwise, from any of Eugene V. could pay for the services of a notary for certification of each signature submitted in support of it?» — it is noted in the notes.