Chilingarov and grooms are looking for ways to build a submersible to the Mariana trench

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitroscanate in photosangelina Fedor Konyukhov and first Vice-President of the Russian geographical society Artur Chilingarov. Archival photoChilingarov and grooms are looking for ways to build a submersible to the Mariana trench© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitroscanate the image Bank

Travelers and explorers Artur Chilingarov and Fedor Konyukhov is looking for the enterprise to build deep submersibles to dive to the deepest point of the ocean — the Mariana trench, said Chilingarov in the press center MIA «Russia today».

«This is a very difficult project, we are doing some work, looking for an opportunity to build triple deep-water apparatus. We (Konyukhov) visited many research institutes, looking where you can build the apparatus for the Mariana trench,» said Chilingarov at the press-conference of participants of expedition «Arctic 2007», when for the first time in the history of the world the bottom has been reached in the North pole.

While Chilingarov did not specify the timing of the dive.

As noted on the website Konyukhov, the project is implemented under the auspices of the Russian geographical society. It is expected not only to reach the bottom of the depression, but to remain there for 48 hours to carry out scientific experiments, including to take samples of soil from two tectonic plates (Philippine and Pacific), in which the cavity is formed.

Informed as possible the time of the expedition was called 2018-2019. It was also reported that Konyukhov intends to install at the bottom of the stone Orthodox cross.

The Mariana trench, the depth of which is almost 11 km was conquered by man in 1960, when Jacques Piccard (Switzerland) and don Walsh (USA) in the bathyscaphe Trieste reached a very deep point – the Challenger Deep portion. In 2012, their success was repeated by the American Director James Cameron.