Electoral Council of Venezuela have rejected allegations of rigging in the elections

© RIA Novosti / Oleg Ivanovata in fotobounce in Caracas. Archival photoElectoral Council of Venezuela have rejected allegations of rigging in the elections© RIA Novosti / Oleg Ivanovata the image Bank

The head of the national electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela Tibisay Lucena on Wednesday rejected accusations of rigging the elections of the national constituent Assembly (NUSA).

According to official data of the INE, the election was attended by nearly 8.1 million people, or 41,53% of the voters. However, these data are contested by the opposition and the head of the company Smartmatic, which was carrying out work for NIS, Antonio Mujica. At a press conference in London he said the data on the turnout at last Sunday the election was too high, at least 1 million votes and the final results are fabricated. The Parliament has demanded from the Prosecutor General to launch an investigation on the statements.

«We are talking about the unprecedented opinion of a single firm, which aims to provide a service, whose role is only to provide technical services that do not determine the outcome of elections», — quotes the channel Globovision statement of Lucena.

According to her, the electoral system in Venezuela has the structure which leaves in the hands of Venezuelans the ability to verify election results.

On Sunday, Venezuela held elections for the NUS, which is expected to prepare amendments to the Constitution of the country. The convening of this body was announced on the initiative of President Nicolas Maduro. The opposition and many countries have not recognized the elections, stating that the convening of the NUS needs to be done via referendum.

Elections were held in an atmosphere of mass protests that led to casualties. Only for Saturday and Sunday in protests were killed, according to the Deputy Henry Ramos, at least 16 people. The Prosecutor General’s office reported the death of 10 people only on Sunday.