«Gazprom» has reduced gas transit through Ukraine

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in fotobanka of the pipeline. Archival photo«Gazprom» has reduced gas transit through Ukraine© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

«Gazprom» has thrown on the OPAL pipeline, receiving gas from Nord stream, part of the blue fuel to the Ukrainian direction, the newspaper «Vedomosti».

The first of August was held the first in a long time, trading on spare capacity on OPAL. «Gazprom» has got access to 40% of them. In the end of the second Aug download pipeline, according to the operator OPAL Gastransoprt increased from 56 million to 71.5 million cubic meters per day.

On Tuesday, the average load of the pipeline was 2,337 million cubic meters per hour, Wednesday, with the advent of new gas day, she reached 2,976 million.

On the background of the high workload of OPAL application for the transit of gas through Ukraine through the station «city of Velke kapusany» has decreased, according to the Slovak operator Eustream, with 161 million Tuesday to a 147.6 million on Wednesday. On Wednesday evening the application was adjusted to 155,1 million.

The Director of the division of corporations, Fitch Ratings Dmitry marinchenko said the publication that «Gazprom» constantly claiming you wish to opt out of deliveries of blue fuel through Ukraine, will be to make maximum use of the capacity of OPAL.

Possible loss of Kiev, which is due to the OPAL may lose about 20% of annual transit, it is estimated at $ 400 million.

For «Gazprom» gas transportation through the Northern route is much more profitable, said the Deputy Director of the national security Fund Alexei Grivach.

«I’m sure Gazprom will zakontraktovat entire volume available and in the near future will use OPAL to the maximum,» said he, «Vedomosti».

In October 2016, the European Commission approved the extension of the access of Gazprom to OPAL.

In December the Polish government and PGNiG appealed against the Commission’s decision in court, claiming that the admission «Gazprom» to the OPAL creates a threat of disruption or cessation of gas supplies to the EU. In the end, at the end of the month, the European court has suspended the decision of the EC.

Last week the European court of justice abolished the restrictions on access to the capacity of Opal for «Gazprom».