Have Lenta.ru change editor

© RIA Novostinearly newspaper Lenta.ru. Archival photoHave Lenta.ru change editor© RIA Novosti

Soon there will be a change of the chief editor of the Internet newspaper Lenta.ru confirmed the RIA Novosti news Agency PR-service of group of companies Rambler&Co, which includes the portal; however, to confirm the candidacy of a new editor in the company will be able only after the official appointment.

Earlier in mass media there was information that the chief editor Lenta.ru Alexander Belonovsky will soon leave the company and together with a part of a team you will develop project Iz.ru belonging to the «National Media Group». And it will be replaced by Vladimir Todorov.

«Director of external communications Rambler&Co Matvey Alekseev confirmed the expected change of the chief editor of the Tape…. but to confirm someone will be able only after the official appointment,» announced the PR Department of the Rambler&Co.

The Belonovsky was appointed editor-in-chief Lenta.ru in February 2016, up to two years held the post of first Deputy chief editor of this media.