In Britain the actor died who played in Harry Potter

© AFP 2017 / Max NashБританский actor Robert hardy. Archival photoIn Britain the actor died who played in Harry Potter© 2017 AFP / Max Nash

British actor Robert hardy, known for his role as Minister of magic Cornelius Fudge in the films about boy wizard Harry Potter, has died at 92-m to year of life, transfers TV channel bi-Bi-si referring to the family of the actor.

Relatives of the actor said that he lived an «amazing life», more than 70 years working in the field of cinema, theatre and television. According to his children, hardy was also a linguist, an artist, a music lover, a connoisseur of literature, a respected historian and expert on such weapons as the Longbow.

He died in a nursing home for actors, which is on the outskirts of London, marks the channel.

Robert hardy was born on 29 Oct 1925. He began his acting career after world war II in Stratford at the Royal Shakespeare theatre, which was then called the Shakespeare memorial theatre.

Apart from the role of «Potteriany», he is also known for a number of paintings in which he played former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. In addition, hardy starred in the film of Nikita Mikhalkov «Siberian Barber».