In Buryatia nearly 30 children were poisoned at a dance festival

© Fotolia / Tom WangКапельница in the hospital. Archival photoIn Buryatia nearly 30 children were poisoned at a dance festival© Fotolia / Tom Wang

Two adults and 26 children were poisoned at the camp in kazanskom district of Buryatia, where he held the festival Baikal Dance Camp, the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

According to authorities, the incident occurred at the camp of Dali-baykaltur» on the coast of lake Baikal, in the area Lemasovo Kabansky area.

«The second of August 2017 in the afternoon for medical aid with symptoms of food poisoning turned 28 people, including 26 children», — stated in the message.

The Prosecutor’s office checks were observed in the camp of sanitary-epidemiological norms.

In the national health Ministry does not possess information on the status of children.

According to the Ministry, the festival runs from 28 July to 5 August and it is attended by about 300 children from 12 to 17 years.