In China, on the border with Russia will build a national Park with tigers and leopards

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Incomerate in fotomonster. Archival photoIn China, on the border with Russia will build a national Park with tigers and leopards© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Uncovereth the image Bank

The creation of a national Park in China on the border with Russia, which aims to preserve the world’s only population of the Amur leopard and South-Western grouping of the Amur tiger, is scheduled for completion in 2020, according to the national Park «Land of leopard».

Earlier it was reported that Chinese authorities have allocated 1.5 million hectares to the national Park, in the East, he will share a border with the Russian national Park «Land of leopard». The Chinese side in creating this site plans to learn from the experience of Russian colleagues from the Maritime provinces.

«And although the complete creation of a new national Park in China expect only in 2020, now local experts are making great efforts to fight poaching, carry out active work with the population and continue to monitor populations of rare cats. And in July 2017 was approved the General plan of the new territories», — stated in the message.

In the offices of «Land of leopard» and Amur branch of WWF-Russia was held in Vladivostok meeting with the participation of the Chinese delegation on the establishment of a new national Park. «In addition to restoring the ecological environment of rare animals we have to stimulate the conversion of way of life and production of local people. In addition, it is necessary to create a network of photo-monitoring and a new mechanism of management system the Manager of national Park» — said the head of the leading group on the organization of the national Park Tang Xiaoping.

Undertaken in recent years in China conservation measures helped restore the ecosystem, and today the Amur tigers and far Eastern leopards living in the far East, free to cross the state border.