In Omsk the archaeologists found the burial of «ready to fight» warrior

© Photo : Official website of the government of Omsk blestiaschie archaeologists have discovered a unique burial ready to fight the warrior. 3 August 2017In Omsk the archaeologists found the burial of «ready to fight» warrior© Photo : Official website of the government of Omsk region

A unique burial of a warrior with a dagger and knife in combat position of the transition from the bronze to the iron age have been discovered by archaeologists in the Omsk during the restoration of the historic building, according to the website of the regional government.

The remains of several tombs, whose age is estimated at nearly 3 thousand years, were found in the process of restoration of the heritage building of the insurance company «Salamander». Five burials are burials with partially or completely preserved human remains. Also unique was the discovery of the tomb of an ancient warrior in combat gear, which is a great success for researchers, as many of the burial was damaged during the construction of the building in 2012 and later repair works.

«We found a large number of well-preserved items: weapons, jewelry, other articles of bronze. As can be seen, they relate to the transition time from the bronze and iron ages. If to speak about «absolute» dates, it’s 27-29 years ago. The ideal condition of the graves was for us a pleasant surprise,» — are reported words of the archaeologist Maxim Grachev.

Scientists believe that the abundance and composition of detected objects suggests that the buried was a revered warrior, or even a representative of the nobility. Even more interesting features of the burial ritual: the warrior buried as if ready to fight — his hands grip the dagger and the knife in combat position, lying next to an axe-Celt.

The regional government noted that the first finds at this place were made in the beginning of the last century with the construction of the building itself. Therefore, at the beginning of its restoration in 2015, the Ministry of culture of the region a mandatory condition declared architectural supervision of works.