In Primorye announced a storm warning due to approach of Typhoon Noru

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Forecasters announced a storm warning because of the approach of the Pacific Typhoon Noru, which maybe next week to bring in Primorye heavy rain fall, a hurricane and cause flooding, according to Primgidromet.

Noru is in the stage of the super Typhoon in the Pacific ocean. The pressure at the centre of 930 hPa, maximum wind near the center is about 70 m/s. As previously reported by Primgidromet, from 8 to 10 August in varying degrees, the Typhoon will affect the weather in Primorsky region, tourists warned about possible evacuation. Wednesday in Primorye introduced the mode of increased readiness.

It is noted that prior to 4 August in the region will be atmospheric front, heavy rains in parts of heavy showers and thunderstorms. Total rainfall during this period can reach to one of decade norm, in places in the Western and Central areas to two standards. Rains may cause local flooding on the rivers Bolshaya Ussurka, Robin and their tributaries, as well as places on the rivers of the Western regions.

«In the period from 8 to 10 August will be possible to Primorye powerful Typhoon Noru with a strong (15-40 mm), sometimes very heavy rains (50-100 mm in 12 hours or less) in South-Eastern, Eastern wind of 15-20 m/s, on coast in gusts of 25-30 m/s on capes to 33-35 m/s (hurricane). In Peter the Great Bay and district Rotary — Gold threat is expected wave height 4-5 meters. In the bays of the southern and Eastern coasts of a very steep slope, in places of surge phenomenon,» the report said.

According to forecasters, the possible raising of the water level in the rivers to 1-3 meters of flooding, peremyl roads, damage to bridges, flooding of farmland.

In this case, forecasters reported that weather warning for possible clarification.