In Primorye, the bear want to take from rehab to the circus

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Himalayan bear-the orphan Kuta, which is found in the chicken coop and put him in the bullpen, I want to take to the circus instead of release into the wild, told RIA Novosti Director of the Center for rehabilitation and introduction of tigers and other rare animals Victor Kuzmenko.

In mid-July, a resident of the Spassky district, found in the chicken coop bear. He was temporarily placed in a holding cell at the local police station, after which the predator was brought to the rehabilitation Centre. Bear has appointed a high-calorie diet and then released into the enclosure to the other two cubs previously also found in Primorye.

«We were approached by citizens who stated that they allegedly are the owners of the bear, and he will have to perform in the circus. They presented the paper, according to them, the purchase of two cubs which they have fled. We gave these documents to the Department of hunting management Department of the region, so there they are checked,» — said Kuzmenko.

According to him, now the center is waiting for the decision of the Department, and, proceeding from it, will determine the fate of the bear.

«Of course, we don’t want to be in the circus. You need to release into the wild. And chances are that it will, because evidence of ownership of these people no the bear is not microchipped, in addition, he was totally wild, there are no signs that he once lived among people,» he added.