Iran’s Supreme leader endorsed President Rouhani

© AP Photo / Vahid SalemiПрезидент of Iran Hassan Rouhani. Archival photoIran’s Supreme leader endorsed President Rouhani© AP Photo / Vahid Salemi

Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Thursday approved President re-elected Hassan Rouhani, the broadcast led TV IRIB.

The ceremony, being the first stage of the inauguration of the President of Iran opened in Tehran, the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Iran abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, who presented the report held in may presidential elections. After that, in the presence of senior officials was read an order of the Supreme leader of Iran about the statement by Rouhani as President.

«I will follow the choice of the people of Iran, approves the results of the vote and the claim of Hassan Rouhani President of the Islamic Republic of Iran,» read the order of Khamenei aide and head of his office Mohammadi golpayegani.

After that Khamenei personally gave the order in the hands of Hassan Rouhani.

Iran’s Supreme leader has called three basic directions in work of the authorities. First and foremost, Khamenei said that the new government should solve the problems of citizens. The second direction he called the expansion of foreign relations, assistance to other countries and benefit from their help. In conclusion, Khamenei said that Iran should be tough to resist the desire for hegemony of any country. According to him, most of all the desire for superiority is typical for the United States.

Presidential elections were held in Iran on 19 may. Authorities announced that the country’s current President Hassan Rouhani re-elected for a second term, receiving 57% of the vote. His main opponent, ex — Prosecutor General Ebrahim Raisi has gained about 38% of the vote.

The inauguration of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran consists of two stages and is held on different days. The first stage — the transfer of power from the incumbent President-elect, the so-called «ceremony of confirmation as», which takes place in the presence of Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, heads of all branches of government of the Islamic Republic, and also representatives of military elite of the country. The second part of the inaugural ceremony — the swearing in of the President of Iran is the Iranian Parliament, where the chief Executive of the Islamic Republic should pronounce an oath before the people’s elected representatives.

Within two weeks after the official inauguration, the President must submit for approval to the Parliament the new composition of the government. In turn, the Parliament shall within ten days after submission to consider the nominations of Ministers.