Media: attacked the Minister of defense of Macedonia faces up to ten years in prison

© Fotolia / Nomad_SoulАрест. Archival photoMedia: attacked the Minister of defense of Macedonia faces up to ten years in prison© Fotolia / Nomad_Soul

. The Macedonian Punch Angelova, who during the April riots in the Republic’s Parliament physically attacked a Deputy of the opposition and the current defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska, the Prosecutor demanded to punish with terms of three to 10 years of imprisonment, passes on Thursday TV channel «Telma».

During the riots on April 27 in the Assembly (Parliament) broke into the building, the demonstrators attacked the opposition, including the current defense Minister, beat and dragged her by the hair. Members of the media filmed the incident on video. During the investigation, law enforcement found that beat Sekerinski 65-year-old resident of Skopje, who then refused to repent of their deeds. On Thursday, the Prosecutor’s office filed the indictment in the case of Angelova.

«The crime is imprisonment from three to 10 years. Citizen is accused during the riots in the legislative Assembly have committed gross violence, dragged by the hair of the Deputy of the Assembly. The victim then got heavy injuries», — quotes the channel charging document.

A member of the ruling Social democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) and defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska from 2002 to 2006 he was Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic and was responsible for the European integration of Macedonia. The first of June, she led the country’s defense Ministry.

In Skopje on April 27 evening, the riots took place after an ethnic Albanian Talat Xhaferi was elected SDSM and their coalition partners with speaker of the Assembly. Dzaferi election provoked protests in which the protesters are members of the movement «For a United Macedonia» stormed the Assembly, injuring over a hundred people including citizens, police officers and parliamentarians.

Their posts subsequently lost major leaders of the interior Ministry of the Republic. A few confessed attackers parliamentarians were sentenced to probation for various durations. In relation to the rest of the investigation continues.