«Naftogaz» is not going to remove the claim and to withdraw lawsuits against Gazprom

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotobounce Naftogaz of Ukraine. Archival photo«Naftogaz» is not going to remove the claim and to withdraw lawsuits against Gazprom© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

«Naftogaz of Ukraine» does not intend to remove the claim and to withdraw claims to «Gazprom», said the commercial Director of «Naftogaz of Ukraine» Yuriy Vitrenko in Facebook, commenting on the statement of the foreign Ministry.

As said on Wednesday the Deputy Director of Department of information and press of the MFA of Russia Anastasia Fedorova, «preservation of gas transit through Ukraine would be possible only in the case of Kiev competitive tariffs on transit and transit leveling known risks, including withdrawal of all claims and the abolition of the absurd claims of «Gazprom».

«Answer. No one to remove the claim and cancel is absolutely reasonable claims in respect of «Gazprom» will not. Our claim in the Stockholm arbitration on the contract for the sale of gas was justified, and our demands were satisfied. Although we were also told that we have no chance and we lose. Our claim for the transit of no less justified. So won one lawsuit, we expect to win on the second claim. So we cancel our lawsuits will not,» wrote Vitrenko late last night.

He also wrote that he did not believe the statements of the Russian foreign Ministry that the concept of construction of «Nord stream–2» does not imply the termination of transit of Russian gas through Ukraine via existing pipelines.

«These statements do not have faith. Last time we were also assured that the launch of «Nord stream-1″ will not lead to the reduction of transit through Ukraine. Deceived,» wrote Vitrenko.

The Stockholm arbitration court in late may issued an interim decision in the dispute between «Gazprom» and «Naftogaz» contract on gas supplies to Ukraine. The text of the decision is not yet made public, however, the Ukrainian side stated that the court granted her basic requirements: cancelled the contract a condition «take or pay» (take or pay) and a ban on re-export, has decided to revise the pricing formula starting in 2014. «Gazprom» has declared, that the balance in the decision is positive for the Russian company, and denied the abolition of the court’s rules of take or pay.

Previously, «Naftogaz» stated that a separate decision of the Tribunal in the arbitration Institute of Stockholm chamber of Commerce on may 31, contains the principles which must be calculated the amount of retroactive compensation for overpayments made «Naftogaz», as well as the price that needs to be applied to any volumes of gas from «Naftogaz», but not paid for in full. According to the company, if in the course of the negotiations «Naftogaz» and «Gazprom» will not come to an agreement on new wording and determining the payable amounts, the final decision will be made by arbitration.

The head of «Gazprom» Alexei Miller said earlier that on the basis of the interim decision of the Stockholm arbitration, according to the preliminary economic assessment, collecting with «Naftogaz» to «Gazprom» exceeds $ 1.7 billion. In the Ukrainian company said in response that the Stockholm arbitration court suggested that «Naftogaz» and «Gazprom» to try to agree on the amounts of claims in a dispute under the contract for the supply of gas, and such negotiations are already underway.

«Naftogaz» is not going to remove the claim and to withdraw lawsuits against Gazprom© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotolanciay conflict