OP called the attack on the journalist of NTV spoon of tar in a barrel of honey

. First Deputy Secretary of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia Vyacheslav Bocharov sure that law enforcement authorities will properly react to the incident at the celebration of the airborne forces, and the person who hit the journalist of NTV live, will be punished.

«I think that our law enforcement system will react in a dignified manner, and in accordance with the law, this man will be punished. Not only did he hit correspondent, to perform his duties, but his behavior has offended thousands of tourists who were in this day in Gorky Park,» — said Bocharov in an interview with RIA Novosti.

He emphasized that the man never served in the airborne troops and has nothing to do with him any relationship.

«It is sad that this incident happened on the day of the airborne troops. All the commemoration was brought under control by the command of the airborne troops, and all passed peacefully and quietly. This trick is like a fly in the ointment» — said Bocharov.

«I served 25 years in the Navy and as a veteran I can say that I have experienced the disgusting feeling from what I saw live. As a marine, as a Hero of the Russian Federation, as the first Deputy Secretary of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation it is my duty to apologise to the journalist, in front of the whole journalistic community, that the fact took place,» he added.

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