Putin gave start to construction of the first Foundation of the Amur gas processing plant

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Russian President Vladimir Putin toured on Thursday the construction of the Amur gas processing plant (GPP) on the route of the pipeline «Power of Siberia» and started pouring the Foundation for the construction of the complex.

During the visit the construction site of the head of state viewed the layout of the pipeline «Power of Siberia» and the Amur gas processing plant. On the stands was also provided information about the timing and stages of construction of the plant, the preparation of the accompanying infrastructure and the construction of comfortable residential district for employees. The Chairman of the Board «Gazprom» Alexey Miller told the President about the construction of «Forces of Siberia» and the details of the project the Amur gas processing plant, noting in particular that the first two production lines of the plant with a total capacity of 14 billion cubic meters of gas must be put into operation in may 2021. The total capacity of GPP after commissioning of all six lines will be 42 billion cubic meters.

The President also contacted by teleconference with Chayandinsky field in Yakutia, from where it will receive gas on the Amur gas processing plant and one of the sites of construction «Forces of Siberia». As noted by the head of «Gazprom», that the pipeline «will be commissioned 20 December 2019». As for the Amur gas processing plant, according to Miller, after the completion of its construction in the Russian far East and Eastern Siberia will receive a powerful impetus to further socio-economic development.

«Already done much preparatory work to start construction of the main production. Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, I ask you to give the command for laying concrete for the first Foundation of the Amur gas processing plant», — said Miller to Putin at the end of the report.

«Forward!» — said Putin, after which the court started the relevant work. «Good luck, good night,» concluded the President.

The Amur gas processing plant

The construction of the plant is 15 kilometers North from the city Free the Amur region began in October 2015, then the command to start the works, the President gave on the video. To date, completed the layout of the plant, to begin construction of technological objects developed area with an area of over 800 hectares and the total land area of all objects of the Amur gas processing plant is more than 1,7 thousand hectares. Built communications, road, rail and river infrastructure, is preparing the construction of a residential district for employees, the number of which the plant should be about 3 thousand people.

The Amur gas processing plant (GPP) to become the largest in Russia and one of the world’s largest enterprises for processing of gas. The plant will be an important link in the technological chain of the future supply of natural gas to China through the pipeline «Power of Siberia». The composition of the GEA will also include the world’s largest helium production.

The design capacity of the Amur gas processing plant will amount to 42 billion cubic meters per year. For comparison, in 2016 the volume of processing of natural gas all existing gas processing plants in Russia amounted to 74 billion cubic meters. Thus, with the release of the Amur gas processing plant to design capacity, processing of natural gas in the country will grow by more than 50%, according to the materials for Putin’s trip.

The GEA will come multicomponent gas from the Yakutia and Irkutsk gas production centers, which are created by Gazprom within the Eastern gas program. The plant of gas will be allocated ethane, propane, butane, pentane-hexane fraction and the valuable components for the petrochemical and other industries. In the framework of the project will be built six production lines with a capacity of 7 billion cubic meters of gas, every line is, in fact, independent gas processing complex. In the first phase will have two production lines.