Religious organizations Georgia believe that the new Constitution threatens them

© AP Photo / Shakh AivazovГрузинский military background flagReligious organizations Georgia believe that the new Constitution threatens them© AP Photo / Shakh Aivazov

The Council of religions under the public defender of Georgia addressed the Parliament with a request to make changes to the adopted in the second reading the project of the Constitution, which allowed the possibility of limiting religion, reports the website of the Council.

The appeal was signed by 19 religious minorities, who fear that their religion may be restricted «to ensure state security or public safety necessary for the existence of a democratic society, prevention of crime, protection of health, administration of justice or the protection of other rights.» Among unhappy with this wording — Muslims, Catholics and Protestants.

«We believe that the criteria of unreasonable restrictions on the freedom of religion threaten… These criteria are unpredictable, which creates a high risk that they will be used illegally», — the statement says.

Religious organizations believe that because of any such «vague» rules in the Constitution «may receive legitimization of unlawful restriction of the rights of religious associations».

Unhappy also noted that such restrictions does not allow the European Convention for the protection of human rights.

«We call on Parliament to prevent the deterioration of standards in the field of human rights and democratic state», — concluded the Council of religions.