Stole the script of «Game of thrones» hackers stole thousands of documents HBO

© Photo : Nwamaka Williams in the TV series Game of thrones. Archive photoStole the script of «Game of thrones» hackers stole thousands of documents HBO© Photo : HBO

Hacked the internal network of the HBO hackers stole «thousands of internal documents of the company,» writes the relevant publication Variety, citing a notification employed by the channel company IP Echelon.

On Monday it was reported that hackers broke into the internal network cable channel HBO and stole the script of a future episode of the popular TV series «Game of thrones». According to the statements of criminals, they have been one and a half terabytes of data from HBO. The channel confirmed that the attack occurred, and immediately began investigating the incident.

As the newspaper notes, the TV station appealed to the IP Echelon to determine what was stolen during the cyber attack. The theft of documents became aware of the notice that meets the requirements of copyright law in the digital age, aimed Echelon IP Google with the requirement to remove links to the leaked files. The notice also stated that the leakage of a large quantity of material, «are protected by copyright, including documents, images, videos and audio (files)».

According to the newspaper, the hackers, apparently, have published personal information about one of the leaders of the channel in the format of a text document. Data provides access to dozens of accounts on the network, including subscriptions to paid media, online banking services and personal medical services. As writes the edition, at least one of those accounts could give hackers access to your work email of the head.

As writes the edition, HBO often goes to the company IP Echelon, with the aim to remove links to copyrighted material from Google. The representative of TV channel declined to comment on the notification and the nature of the stolen documents, explaining that currently is under investigation.

The TV series «Game of thrones» is based on a fantasy series of George R. R. Martin’s «a Song of ice and fire». Having exhausted the material books, the series has started up in independent swimming, developing the plot beyond published novels. The novels and the series takes place on two fictional continents, where a number of aristocratic families vie for dominance over the Seven kingdoms of Westeros, while all of humanity is threatened by destruction due to the invasion of supernatural forces. Novels Martin and the series has received recognition for the detailed development and unexpected plot twists, including the death of main characters. The creators of the series got 38 prestigious Emmys. This is the most popular series in the portfolio of NVO and one of the most popular television series in history.