Tajik authorities have banned parents to name children names of Allah

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae in fotobounce in the mosqueTajik authorities have banned parents to name children names of Allah© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

Special state Commission has banned the parents of two children, ASMA and Oblokul and demanded that they used the names listed in the state directory, according to Tajik Telegraph Agency.
All citizens of Tajikistan should name their children only the names listed in the officially approved «national Register of names.» Only this directory lists over six thousand of male and female names. A complete list was published in April 2017. It is known that children cannot be called Slavic names and names of objects.

«After Tajikistan was issued a «national Registry» of names, social Commission, Committee for the language of the country addressed the parents of 26 children who did not agree to name their newborns with names from the approved catalog… the Commission considered all appeals, in the end, the parents of two children, whom he wanted to call Asmaa and Oblokul, the Commission refused», — quotes Agency the words of the head of the Committee for language and terminology under the government of Tajikistan Gawhary Sharafzoda.

As explained by the representatives of the language Commission Committee language, «Oblokul is shortened from «Alahu Akbar» and Asmaa is the generalized meaning of nouns, that is, has no meaning.»

In fact, however, noted in the Agency, the name of Oblokul in translation into Russian means «Slave of Allah», and Asmaa — derived from ASMA. ASMA was the daughter closest friend of the prophet Muhammad and became one of the first women who converted to Islam.