The agreement between Russia and Tatarstan on the powers need to be extended stated in the CGT

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade fotoracconti in the Kremlin. Archival photoThe agreement between Russia and Tatarstan on the powers need to be extended stated in the CGT© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade the image Bank

The Treaty on delimitation of jurisdictional subjects and powers between bodies of state power of the Russian Federation and Tatarstan, which expires, must be renewed and approved by the Federal law, said the Chairman of the Executive Committee of world Congress of Tatars (VKT) Rinat Zakirov on Thursday.

Thursday in Kazan held a plenary meeting of the VI Congress of the WCL, participate in it more than 810 delegates and 300 guests from 41 countries and 73 regions of the Russian Federation.

«This year ends the term of the second contract. Developed on the basis of historical, cultural and economic features of Tatarstan, the document will certainly need to roll over and adopt the Federal law, which must be founded the people’s interests,» said Zakirov at the meeting.

According to the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the CGT, this legal framework allows the Republic and Tatar people to go forward with bold steps. «The need for this document, which is unique in a Federation of States is not determined by the attempts of unreasonable whim of certain political circles. It is based on the iron will of the population, which combines friendship peacefully residing in the Republic of 173 nationalities, the results of the referendum of the Republic of Tatarstan, conducted in the early 1990-ies», — he explained.

Zakirov said that the requirement to extend the Treaty it was stated in the resolution of the third Congress of peoples of Tatarstan in April 2017, and the deputies of the Tatarstan state Council submitted a letter to the President of the country in July this year.

In February 1994 in Moscow was signed an agreement on the delimitation of jurisdiction subjects and mutual delegation of powers between bodies of state power of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan. The document was signed by Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Tatarstan President Mintimer Shaimiev. Agreement on the delimitation of powers in the new edition was approved in July 2007 by the Federal act, which was signed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin and has acted in over 10 years. So far Tatarstan was the only subject of the Russian Federation, having such a Treaty with the Russian Federation. Currently, the contract is not renewed.

According to the agreement, the Republic in particular had the right to conduct international relations, to support the development of a unique national culture outside the region, to have a representation of Tatarstan in Moscow. The document included rules under which the Republic has two state languages — Russian and Tatar, a candidate for the post of regional head should possess both. In addition, the contract stipulates the right of citizens of the Republic have passport insert in Tatar.

Deputies of the state Council of Tatarstan at session of regional Parliament on July 11 unanimously adopted an appeal to the Russian President, in which he proposed to establish a special Commission for the settlement of legal issues in the framework of relations with the Federal center and requested to keep the name of the highest officials of the Republic.

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