The Belgian monarch can deprive two thirds of the Park’s residence in Brussels

© AP Photo / Yves LoggheКороль of the Belgians albert II and Queen Fabiola in the garden of the Royal castle of Laeken in Brussels. Archival photoThe Belgian monarch can deprive two thirds of the Park’s residence in Brussels© AP Photo / Yves Logghe

Square Park surrounding the residence of king Philippe of the Belgians in the Brussels commune of Laeken, can be reduced from 186 hectares to 60 hectares.

As reported by the broadcaster RTBF, the deputies from the party «New Flemish Alliance» (N-VA), a member of the ruling Belgian coalition government, has prepared a bill providing for the transfer of part of the area of the Royal Park to public use in accordance with the requirement of a number of civil organizations.

Grant of the Belgian Royal family for 2017 is provided in the amount of about 36 million euros, of which the financing of the king of the Belgians Philippe allocated 11 million 786 thousand Euro 193 thousand euros more than in 2016. On content is king-father albert II allocated 924 thousand euros, which is 16 thousand over the budget of last year.

The Belgian Parliament adopted in October 2013, in conditions of budget deficit the law on the reform of the financing system of the Belgian Royal family. The law provides for the reduction and taxation subsidies to all its members.